Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design technique that scales your website pages to fit any screen size or orientation. RWD is a system that uses a fluid grid system which rearranges a web page layout to fit the screen of desktop computers,laptops, smart phones,tablets, and ipads. If your website is still not mobile friendly you may begin to lose rank in the search engines.

Developing a website project today that is not responsive can drastically reduce the number of potential users. A single site must transform and mutate to suit the user's device. Responsive design, when done correctly, will work on most present and many future devices.

Visitors to your website should be provided the optimum viewing experience. You don't require them to adapt themselves to your website. You make your website adapt itself to fit the user. There has been a fundamental shift in the way the web is accessed today. It is now the wherever you are web. Technology now demands a new process whereby web content is delivered to the variety of devices by which users can access the web.

Responsive Website Design

Benefits of RWD

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  • A high degree of flexibility
  • Reduced user frustration
  • Improved ranking with search engines
  • Optimal Content Viewing Across All Hardware Platforms

How RWD Works

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  • Progressive enhancement:
  • Media queries: sets styles based on the display being used.
  • Fluid grid: columns adapt to meet the dimensions of the screen.
  • Relative image sizes: scales images to best fit the screen size.

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